Event Clean-Up

Everyone's least favorite part of an event is clean up. However, the cleanliness of the event will often be the difference-maker between a success and a flop. We work with you to plan the best way to accomplish your goals for your venue and create a clean-up plan arranged around your event schedule and addressing all your needs. In addition to staffing after the event, we have crews available before or during to handle everything from pre-event through to after-event cleaning. We have the resources to get the job done.

J.V. Janitorial works with the venue manager and the cities to determine and implement an effective cleaning plan as well as to ensure logistical precision.

  • Pre-event, during and post-event cleaning
  • Large, small, open or enclosed environment
  • Set up trash cans and liners
  • Police grounds during events
  • Trash removal
  • Final clean of event
  • Additional services as required

J.V. Janitorial handles the tough stuff

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